Depression and Suicide — Theater as Antidote

 Join us for this thoughtful, funny, and hopeful journey
An immersive theatrical experience

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Course Organizer: Dale C. Godby, PhD

Co-Facilitators: Tina Ali Mohammad, MD, Melissa Black, PhD, Zane Dodd, PhD, Richard Enander, PhD,
                     Carla Pulliam, PhD, Angelica Tratter, PhD, Melissa Wallace, MD.

Brierley Acting Company, Dallas Theater Center: Sally Nysteun Vahle, (Director), Blake Hackler, Tiffany Solano (Actors)

Date/Time: Saturday March 2, 2024. 10:00 AM to 1:45 PM

Location: Wyly Theater Dallas

Credit Hours: 3


After watching the Dallas Theater Center actors rehearse a play about depression and suicide, we will convene a workshop for mental health professionals to explore how the threat, attempt, or completion of suicide impacts physicians and therapists.

The play, Every Brilliant Thing begins with a child making a list of everything that makes life worth living to help his mother after her suicide attempt. It takes us on a journey through grief, healing, falling in love, and rediscovering all that life has to give.

10:00 AM. Every Brilliant Thing Rehearsal

11:30 AM. Light Refreshment Break

11:45. AM. Social Dreaming Matrix—remember your dreams as we get closer to this event.

12:15. PM. Small Groups

1:15. PM. Large Group

1:45. PM. Dismiss. Lunch on your own.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Name two factors that help therapists who have lost a patient to suicide.
  2. Describe frequent sequelae impacting therapeutic work post-suicide.
  3. Describe three ways the narcissistic injury following the suicide of one’s patient can be repaired and signs that narcissistic injury is not being dealt with.
  4. Describe how a theatrical dramatization of suicide can be healing.



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